LMGi Services

Consulting services to help you grow your business

LMGi offers professional consulting services to help you achieve greater success with today's leading product development technologies. LMGi has developed the essential resources to offer premium functional, project-based, and full-service consulting services: quality operational, strategic, technical, and industry-specific solutions.

Consulting & Integration

With over 60 years of experience in the CAD/CAM industry, LMGi's specialists know software, systems, and networks. We'll help you get your software loaded, licensed, and networked fast and worry free.

Custom Programming

LMGi has an experienced programmer to help meet your specialized needs. Our team will work with you to define your requirements and create custom executables to streamline your process.

Custom Training

LMGi offers a unique custom training service. We'll tailor a training course for you based on your needs and capabilities by focusing on your company's specific processes and designs. This is a great value for large and small companies.

Engineering Automation

The LMGi team can take your designs, parametrically constrain them based on your criteria, and drive them through a spread sheet to automate the creation of similar parts by changing a few simple variables. Whether it's a single plastic part or a several hundred piece assembly, LMGi can automate your designs and optimize your productivity.