NX CAM Express

CAM Express

Full Function CAM That's CAM Neutral

CAM Express is a full function, CAD neutral, NC programming system that is easy to deploy and increases productivity on the machine tools and in the programming shop. CAM Express establishes a new standard for CAM capability, with substantial advances across the board.

CAM Express redefines part manufacturing productivity with new or extended capabilities for machinery and heavy equipment part production. This fast and highly accurate machining solution extends familiar CAM, programming automation, and integrated machine tool simulation capabilities with automated, context-specific functions to simplify the generation of smart tool paths for prismatic parts.

With new volume-based 2.5D milling operations for faster programming, automatic tracking of uncut material across multi-stage machining processes, and programming automation for multi-part setups, NX CAM for machinery provides the optimum set of capabilities to deliver higher quality parts faster.

Additional updates include:

  • New enhancements to Turbomachinery milling capabilities, including blend finishing and helical blade finishing.
  • Feature and operation teacher capability streamlines the creation and management of new feature and process definitions for process automation.
  • Improved shop documentation includes excel spreadsheet templates for output customization.

CAM Express provides substantial new capabilities across the NC programming environment. Core machining functions are enhanced, programming automation is more powerful than ever, and users will enjoy the most productive working environment yet. Start unlocking the potential of your machine tools and programming staff today!