Siemens NX software

Power, Versatility and Productivity for Design

NX for Design extends the industry-leading modeling in NX to dramatically reduce design time. For feature-based modeling, the new release includes a more intuitive and efficient sketcher; feature creation using open profiles; and new commands for sheet metal, draft, embossing, unite with region selection, and feature grouping and coloring.

Synchronous Technology

Synchronous technology in NX has been improved to more quickly and easily modify multi-CAD geometry. When moving part faces, you can now specify stepping and movement behavior to get the desired result quicker. New tools enable you to select and delete blend surfaces, and to control how geometry adapts and repairs.

Freeform Modeling

For freeform modeling, NX streamlines automotive class A surface creation, improves design of engineered shapes from point data, and automates curve and surface fitting to scanned or faceted geometry. New geometry analysis tools improve validation for better aesthetics.


Enhanced drafting software in NX provides new lightweight drawing view tools that accelerate view creation and improve system performance and memory usage for large assembly drawings. New drawing booklets help you create and manage multiple files and drawing sheets that comprise a complete set of assembly drawings.

Streamlined Workflows and User Experience

NX for Design offers an improved user experience and workflow efficiencies that make NX easier to use, more readily discoverable, and more productive. The user interface has been enhanced with “More” and “Less” versions to balance interface simplicity with advanced capability. New context-specific shortcut toolbars automatically present available actions for any object you select in the graphics window or from the part or assembly navigator. All improvements in the user interface accelerate design, increase consistency and reduce training time.