Leverage NX CAE and NX Nastran to speed up simulation by up to 70 percent, increase product quality and lower overall product development costs.


Comprehensive Finite Element Modeling for Experienced CAE Analysts

Preparing a simulation model is a multi-step process of importing and editing CAD geometry, meshing and connecting components, editing material properties, defining boundary and loading conditions, and exporting to the appropriate solver data format. It’s no wonder that up to 80 percent of an analyst’s time can be spent preparing models for simulation.

NX CAE drastically reduces the time you spend preparing simulation models. NX delivers all the advanced meshing, boundary conditions and solver interfaces that experienced analysts expect for high-end analysis. What makes NX CAE unique from all other preprocessors however, is how its superior geometry foundation enables intuitive geometry editing and analysis model associativity to multi-CAD data. The tight integration of a powerful geometry engine with robust analysis modeling commands is the key to reducing modeling time by up to 70 percent compared to traditional finite element modeling tools.

Simulation Results Postprocessing and Reporting

Simulation Modeling - Results postprocessing and reporting Evaluate simulation results using high-end graphics that efficiently handle large models, and automate report generation to quickly share results with the broader team for faster decisions.

Comprehensive Meshing Software

Simulation Modeling - Comprehensive meshing tools
Efficiently mesh your models through extensive modeling functions for automatic and manual mesh generation of 1D, 2D and 3D elements as well as the application of loads and boundary conditions.

CAE Geometry Editing

Simulation Modeling - Superior Geometry Foundation
Speed the transition from CAD geometry to simulation model through powerful and intuitive geometry editing capabilities not available in traditional FEA preprocessors

FE Assembly Management

Simulation Modeling - Efficient FE assembly management
Easily build and manage large finite element assembly models by instancing and connecting FE component models together, similar to a CAD assembly.

Multi-CAE Environments

Simulation Modeling - Multi-CAE environments
Model components for a variety of disciplines, such as CFD and thermal analysis, as well as other common solvers used by analysts including NX Nastran®, MSC Nastran, Abaqus, Ansys and LS-Dyna.