LMGi Solutions

We sell and support Solid Edge, Siemens NX, and more!

LMGi can give you a number of technical solutions for your engineering and manufacturing design teams. We offer CAD, CAM, CAE, and PLM software from Siemens’ line of products:

Solid Edge is a complete 3D CAD system that uses synchronous technology for accelerated design, faster revisions, and better imported reuse. Solid Edge is proven to reduce design time at companies all over the world.

KeyShot is a 3D rendering and animation tool that uses a physically correct render engine based on scientific research in the areas of scientifically accurate material representation and global illumination.

Siemens NX is a complete solution for digital product development and delivers integrated, high-performance design, simulation, documentation, tooling, and manufacturing.

Teamcenter is a data management tool that gives companies the ability to track design changes across multiple platforms and worksites. Implementing Teamcenter at your company gives you the right product information in the right context so you can make the right decisions.

Cortona 3D gives you the ability to create detailed technical publications with existing CAD data, which improves the quality of customer support and training information.

3DConnexion creates mice designed to enhance the work environment of 2D and 3D design professionals. Their hardware is built to help the modern engineer.

Volumill is a CAM add-on that utilizes tool path optimization to reduce stress on cutting tools and parts. It's mathematic formula is proven to reduce cycle time for all non-finishing milling operations.

Quadrispace is a technical documentation software similar to Cortona3D, however, Quadrispace gives you PDF file capability. The suite of products they offer focuses on interactive 3D documents.